I'm Okaken, the slope / director.

This season, Slope.com has produced an original DVD.that name as well“RIDERS LINE -To enjoy snowboarding deeper-”

DVD jacket
DVD jacket


First of all, Slope.com started production with the desire to convey the fun of snowboarding that we think to as many people as possible.What do you want to convey?
■ I want to convey the feeling of sliding on the snow surface with a snowboard
■ Ski resorts nationwide have their own styles, and it is interesting wherever you go.


And the recommended slip to enjoy both is "free riding".



However, some skill is required to enjoy the slopes in free riding.With that skill, local ski resorts and resort ski resorts can be used from fresh snow to slightly hard snow days.

It's fun wherever and whenever you go! !!


そ し て,
"Free riding" also has the element of enjoying the line.I hear about lines in various places, but what is a line?


Simply put, after the "line" that hits the snow surface after slipping.


However, this line is quite a habit, and even a little "It was different over there!" It feels uncomfortable.If you draw a picture with a line that you can understand, it will be the best feeling.Even for snowboarding, it feels great to slip even one a day on a line that you are comfortable with!It's hard to come out, though.That's an interesting place.difficult.But when it comes out, it feels super comfortable!



So, this DVD / RIDERS LINE is a skill necessary to enjoy the slopes in free riding.It is a DVD that explains the line.Shinji Sato, who is active in the slopes, will explain.And how to draw the line that he expresses"One-stroke line".



Each person has their own way of playing snowboarding and drawing lines, but for the time being, Shinji Sato will practice it."One-stroke line".It doesn't have to be a terrible, dangerous line.A line that you can understand.Why not give it a try on the slopes this season?


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