Marunuma Kogen Ski Resort with Snowboarding Comedian Iwa-chan

“I will report on the No. 1 snowboarder entertainer in the entertainment world and Marunuma Kogen.”


Ski resorts are opening all over the place!

A hilarious snowboarding movie with Iwa-chan, the No. 1 snowboarder and comedian in the entertainment world, who was born on the same day as me.

“RIDE FOR A SMILE” First video of this season

I took a photo at Marunuma Kogen Ski Resort!

Shooting date is 2023/12/04

I went skiing on December 12th last year, but the course was longer than that time!


I also got to meet park producer Toru Ishiyama and the Super Diggers.

I also got to meet Hidetaro Amegai and the Shooters.

I'm also featuring Beat Itaru, so please check it out!lol

Of course, Iwa-chan is also showing various activities (lol)


by the way!

Iwa-chan has a snowboarding channel called ``Winter Iwa-chan,'' and a video that Iwa-chan shot on the same day has already been released there!

As expected, the video was edited from the perspective of a professional comedian, and the work gives the impression that it is clean, smart, and interesting.

Here it is

Please watch both and comment ©️


and by saying

Snowboarding action at Marunuma Kogen Ski Resort as of December 12th

Enjoy C~\(^o^) cc(^o^)/