(Video) New and old motion pictures in Akakan are here

Iwata Fujinuma & self-proclaimed entertainment world No. 1 Snowboarder Comedian Iwa-chan will send you

A snowboard movie that makes you laugh

Notice of the completion of the new "RIDE FOR A SMILE" ~

This location has been taken care of many times in our movie

"Akakura Kanko Resort Ski Resort"

I'm a sloper who has taken various projects in the past ...



This time, I was planning to invite two riders, Ryuta Tanaka (FANATIC) and Yudai Kodama (Akakandigars), who are also my students, to skate together.

Iwata said that he was the commander of the Kamikaze kamikaze

This time, I challenge Captain Yoshinoman to fight

(Iwata Tweak insists that this Yoshinoman Tweak will win)

I insist that I will become Captain Digger when I defeat him (laughs).


Please see the video below to see why Iwata is the kamikaze captain.

This is a recommended video with a high index that makes you laugh quite easily among past videos w

Before the decisive battle with Yoshinoman

Iwata decided to ask the Diggers to teach him how to deal with the battle against Yoshinoman ...?

Please see the movie for the continuation ~