If beginners choose my board, RIDE's entry model is the reason why.

For those who want to graduate from rental boards and get their own boards this season.Compromise is strictly prohibited because it is my first board.On the other hand, it is very difficult for beginners to find the one that suits them from the many types.Therefore, we asked professional riders to thoroughly test two models for beginners released by RIDE Snowboards, which celebrates its 1th anniversary this season.What is the recommended board for those who want to level up?And how is the feeling of those two?
Photo: Jun Watanabe
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Special Thanks: SAPPORO TEINE

This time, RIDE's entry model was tested by Ru Nonogaki (left) and Sakiko Kato (right).

Started thorough testing of the RIDE snowboard model for beginners

What kind of image do you have when you hear a board for beginners?Is the price cheap and the performance secondary?Not good at graphic design?No, the ability of the beginner's board released by the snowboard brand is actually very high level.It is built so well that even a professional rider can enjoy it.

This time, we asked two professional riders who are active mainly in Hokkaido to test ride RIDE's entry model in Sapporo Teine, Hokkaido.

one is from sapporoRu Nonogaki.He mainly works on backcountry photography, and in the past he was in charge of MC for a snowboarding program on Hokkaido TV.

Nonogaki was able to master the agenda so quickly that he thought he was always on this board.

And the other is a professional rider called "Sakko Master" who is active mainly in Hokkaido.Sakiko Kato.We asked these two people to actually ride the men's and women's entry-level models and give us their feedback on the ride comfort.

Kato, who usually skis Hokkaido's powder, skis down the uncompacted snow slope at full speed even on the first Heartbreaker he has ever ridden.

Professional riders are also stamped!Board for beginners Surprising ability

The model that Nonogaki Ru test drove is the entry model for men, the Agenda.It is a soft flex board for beginners to intermediate players aiming to level up.

On the day of shooting, we were able to test Agenda's ability in all fields such as powder, park, and Pistenbahn.When Nonogaki got on the agenda, he said that what he felt particularly strongly was how easy it was to enter a turn.
“There are two boards that I usually ride, one that is easy to ride in powder and one that is easy to scramble. I usually ride a board that has outstanding performance in the genre I am good at, but the agenda I rode this time is the graph. In other words, it's a model with no habits right in the middle.That's why it was very easy to handle when entering turns.You'll understand when you ride it, but it's surprisingly firm and easy to move.It's for beginners, but it's for advanced riders. I thought it would be an interesting board to ride."

Easy to enter turns is a good agenda, and a spray of dry powder about above the knee is soared.

Agenda is a twin-tip shape with the same nose and tail length.In addition, the center of the board has a slightly raised camber from the snow surface, and the tip of the nose and tail are slightly curved, which is called a rocker shape.Thanks to this curved rocker shape, even beginners can easily grasp the opportunity to turn.

When I asked about the points to level up with this board.
“I think it’s best to set the bindings so that they are centered on the board.I think it’s an image that you can be good at both regular and switch at the same time. I hope you can improve quickly."

Although it is an entry-level model, it seems that performance was not the only thing that attracted professional rider Nonogaki.
“I think the Agenda graphics are cool.

Bock tail manual is also a piece of cake if soft flex agenda
Even a kicker shows off a tall ollie to prove the high performance of the agenda

Use size: 155cm
Effective Edge: 121.6cm
Nose/Waist/Tail: 29.6/25.2/29.6cm
Sidecut: 7.9m
Size variations: 149, 152, 155, 158, 154W, 157W, 161W
Price: ¥ 57,200

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A heartbreaker that teaches you the joy of turning

The heartbreaker that Sakiko Kato rode is an entry model for ladies. Although it is reasonably priced in the 5 yen range, it is designed with the image of skiing from the park to the slope free run and all-mountain skiing.

In addition, the soft flex makes it easy for women with weak legs to make firm turns.Kato was also surprised at how easy it was to ride.
“This model has a twin shape with rocker in the nose and tail, so it was easy to introduce turns. Also, the center part of the foot is camber, so it is easy to ride with a board that can be sharpened. The ease of turning and the handling of the board was quite good, so I highly recommend it for beginners to intermediate level girls who want to improve their skills."

Even if the barn under the lift is a little rough, if you are a heartbreaker, you will have no problems

The charm of the Heartbreaker is that it is easy to ride and easy to turn.The board is easy to handle, so it responds quickly in the direction you want to go.
"I think it's better to choose an entry-level model like this rather than suddenly choosing a high-level model as the first board to choose. After all, the most important thing is that it teaches you how to enjoy turns."

The simple board graphics that pro riders also liked are hard to believe that they are for beginners.

Because it is the first board to choose, we recommend an entry model with no peculiarities.Moreover, the board graphics of both Heartbreaker and Agenda have a classic taste and are cool because they are released by RIDE, which has a cool brand image and has a lineup of cool riders both in Japan and overseas.The two riders also seem to like this.

Kato also said, "It has a coolness that the entry model doesn't have. I think women worry about graphics when choosing a board, but there are quite a few people who like Heartbreaker's simple and chic design. think".

Kato, who usually only does powder and carving, was fascinated by the jib at the park because of how easy it was to ride.
Heartbreaker, which demonstrates high gliding performance in any field, is easy to fly kicker jumps

Use size: 147cm
Effective Edge: 112.7cm
Nose/Waist/Tail: 28.1/23.8/28.1cm
Sidecut: 7m
Size variations: 139, 143, 147, 150
Price: ¥ 57,200

▼Here is the movie linked to the article!


After hitting the powder, slide down the slope and carve, then go to the park.It was a board that could do anything


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