Ride with WARPIG

Hello, this is CAP.The last five days have been affected by the dizzying weather.It seemed like we had a great start with heavy snow on the weekend and 5cm in 48 hours.However, after that, heavy rain, heavy rain, temperature rise ... not only Alz but also Nekoma are in quite severe conditions.Today, Day 50 visited Tengendai, Yamagata prefecture, which may not be in such a harsh condition.img_1861It took about an hour and a half to go north from Aizuwakamatsu based on the information that the heavy snowfall the other day caused a considerable amount of rain to the south of neighboring Yamagata prefecture.Arrived at Tengendai.Looking up at the 1-person tram with the season, the memory of 30 years ago is faintly revived. It's not like I came from Tokyo by car when I was 20 years old ...Certainly a day trip.I remember it was quite far, with a round trip of 19km or more.I was young.img_1870Snow Oops! ️ Moreover, is it a clear blue sky that you have exhausted all your luck? And because it is a weekday, there is a strong vacancy.Isn't it the best? The difference in cloud mud compared to Alz.This is a different world even though it is not so far from Nekoma in a straight line.No, I'm glad I came.img_1878what is it! ️ This view.Moreover, like a Christmas tree, the trees have snow, and when you take a deep breath, you can smell the trees, and when you look up at the sky, you can see contrails ✈️. A wonderful view that makes you feel like a commercial.Moreover, the lower world was surrounded by warm air today, but if you go up to an altitude of 1800m, it will be covered with gorgeous snow.That will raise your tension.fullsizerender-2Today's purpose is to get on the WARPIG SMALL (148cm) sent from RIDE the other day.I've already been riding for more than 4 days and realized that it's a good match, but anyway, it's just a word of "good".Even with a flat camber, the carving is cut so much that it is impossible and the snow contact surface is wide (= long), so the board runs.And it's also a very pop board.The ollie in the gap feels more floating than ever, and it is a mysterious board that feels light when it goes out into the air for its thick waist of 270 mm.Of course, when I'm freeriding, I can't deny the feeling of being "light", but I've been riding on a thick board recently, so I don't really care.No, this is fun.img_1879I will continue to slide with no back (= no high back) that has already been "defaulted" from last year to increase the degree of freedom of the ankle.Regarding Gratley, I'm worried about the slightly heavier initial movement, but it's okay.Moreover, as you can see from the waist of this board, the buoyancy of powder is extremely different.The scary thing is that once you get used to this, all the other boards will feel slender.Let's stick with the trendy short fat board for the time being.fullsizerenderIt is forecast that heavy rain will change from tomorrow night and snow will change from the night after tomorrow, but the Alz Open on the 23rd seems to be quite severe.After all, there is an atmosphere where the end of the year, which is harder than last year, is waiting.When will I be able to skate on the 8 main courses of Alz?


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