RIDE FOR A SMILE vol.2 Yunomaru carving training Part XNUMX

~ Snowboard Life of sweat and laughter where Takanori Fujinuma and Iwata go ~ vol.2 Part XNUMX

Makoto Kuroki, Hiroyuki Akahori, Itaru Fujinuma, Hiroyuki Iwahara, Motoharu Aihara

Professional snowboarder Takanori Fujinuma, who continues to rehabilitate from a serious injury that was said to be difficult to walk, and Iwata, the self-proclaimed entertainment world's No. 1 snowboarder comedian Iwata. Strangely, they were born on the same day. The second enjoyable snow mountain trip where two people who have something in common, snowboarding and Sagittarius men who like laughter, travel in search of snow, laughter and fun. This time, we will polish the carving from the beginning of the season! Hiroyuki Akahori and Makoto Kuroki, the star combination RED & BLACK of the carving world who are in the same grade as us to further improve the carving skill of Iwata who was boasting, and now have fans not only in Japan but also in Asian countries all over the world. I visited a professional and went to the home of the two, "Yunomaru Ski Area"!

Japan Snow Expo & Interstyle, Japan's largest winter sports trade show, is held every February at Pacifico Yokohama.During this event, manufacturers, riders, and many other stakeholders will meet to reunite with season stories and nostalgic stories.
I participate every year, but I met many people again this year. The reunion that this story was born is a big deal. The act gear booth on the way to the head booth where I was working in JSE. When I was walking toward the head, I happened to meet Akapoli-kun (BCstream), a professional Hiroyuki Akahori, who I hadn't seen for a while since I was together at work.

At the reunion for the first time in a few years, we talked about each other's recent situation, our injuries, and Makoto Kuroki, who was also with us at work before, Makotsu-kun (MOSS). Among them, Akapoli cares about my feet and wishes he could slip.
He invited me to "Yunomaru Ski Area" which is the home slope of Akapoli and Makotsu.

The existence of Iwata came to my mind. He has said that he wants to master carving for a long time, and Akapoli and Makotsu who are famous as carving masters.
It would be interesting if all four of them in the same grade snowboarded!
Immediately, I told Iwata, "Let's go on a carving training trip to the Yunomaru ski area where the gods of carving are waiting!", And immediately received a reply, "Let's go!" When I offered it, I promised to meet again at Yunomaru Ski Resort by saying "OK! I will tell Makotsu!" In two replies.

About a month later, in mid-March, we gathered at the sunny "Yunomaru Ski Area".
The members are me and Iwata, Red & Black, Akahori Pro & Kuroki Pro. In addition, Principal Aihara of Yunomaru School, Takahiro Nakanishi, a cameraman who was indebted to us at the previous Madarao Powder Trip, and Kamada, a local skier of Yunomaru, rushed to fly the drone.

The first thing I noticed when I gathered in the parking lot was that Iwata's facial expression was much harder than usual.
"Carving is the theme at the beginning of the season. I will practice jumping in the second half of the season, so I will improve my carving skills by then!" Iwata said. It's already mid-March, and I'm sure the carving is finished. I'm looking forward to seeing the two carving masters, right? I thought ...? What happened? (When I asked him why later, Iwata was nervous because he thought that the riders and cameramen he met for the first time were all scary people (laughs)).

We visited Yunomaru Snowboard School without knowing the inside of Iwata's heart.
Inside, Mr. Poly, Mr. Makotsu, and the principal, Pro Aihara, drank coffee and relaxed.

Rider: Motoharu Aihara
Rider: Motoharu Aihara
Rider: Hiroyuki Akahori
Rider: Hiroyuki Akahori
Rider: Makoto Kuroki
Rider: Makoto Kuroki

The three carving masters said, "Today, I'm thinking of having them do it for a while. Fufufu ... (sounds like saying (laughs))."
"First of all, let's go for a slip to get used to Yunomaru!"
Two people skiing lightly while connecting to the lift and aiming for the upper part of the ski resort. The slip is already sharp.

And that time has finally come.
It was decided to finish the riding shooting while the sky looked beautiful, and we were able to see two serious people.

The number one reason we came to Yunomaru Ski Area, which we had never visited before. That's because I wanted to see how good the carving skills of the famous carving masters are! (Actually, I wanted two people to play, but w)

We quietly watched the two slip.
"You can finally see it, Iwata .... Gollum."

And when we saw them quietly hot and slipping out for the shoot, we naturally yelled out!
"Wow !? Wow! Wow! What !?"

Rider: Makoto Kuroki, Hiroyuki Akahori
Rider: Makoto Kuroki, Hiroyuki Akahori

The carving turns that the two of them carve into the toe side and heel side at the right timing are as accurate as ever, with a deep board, like a brave slashing the devil's body with a legendary sword. A shocking carving turn that even gives the impression of cutting through the snow surface deeply!

Toru & Iwa "Even if you put up a board like that! Even if you fall down like that! The edge doesn't come off!? ... It's a miracle (laughs)"

After shooting the masters, Mr. Nakanishi raised his hand to us. Mr. Nakanishi "Good! (Come on)"

The two of us said in unison.
Toru & Iwa "Wow! I don't want to go after this !!"

For some reason, I was very embarrassed to try the carving turns that I should have repeated innumerably in my snowboarding life.

Rider: Itaru Fujinuma, Hiroyuki Iwahara
Rider: Itaru Fujinuma, Hiroyuki Iwahara

After slipping, we had no choice but to bite quietly ...

Then I skated a few, and when I finished shooting to some extent, there was a suggestion from the two of us.
Akahori & Kuroki "Let's make the binding angle of the two people the same as us!"
Toru & Iwa "That? By the way, the stance angle of the two of you seems to be facing forward? How many times?"
Akahori & Kuroki "Fufufu ... XNUMX ° front, XNUMX ° back !!"
Toru & Iwa "Ehhhhh !?"

Looking back on my snowboarding life, the most forward-looking stance angles I've ever experienced were 2 ° front and XNUMX ° back.
I'm a little scared of a much more positive stance than that.
When I asked Iwata about the current angle, it was XNUMX ° and -XNUMX °.

Will our turn be closer to a sharp carving turn like the masters ...?
After returning to school, the angle changes immediately, and the hind legs are equipped with a cant that allows the binding to tilt forward.
We were scared at an angle we had never experienced before, but we took the lift to the upper part of the ski resort.By changing the angle, the waist seems to turn forward more than necessary, and if you are not careful, you manage to lift while holding down the board that is likely to turn to the heel side.
However, I'm still worried that I can't wipe it off at an extreme angle. When I asked the two masters to teach me to alleviate such anxiety, they were willing to give me some advice.
After receiving advice from the two of us, we finally tried a carving turn that we could truly enjoy.

Rider: Hiroyuki Iwahara
Rider: Hiroyuki Iwahara
Rider: Itaru Fujinuma
Rider: Itaru Fujinuma

Toru & Iwa "Carving fun! Yunomaru fun !!"

After that voice naturally leaked from us, further suggestions came out from the masters and surprised us.

In the next sequel, we will challenge a new board to further master carving ...!?