~ RIDE FOR A SMILE ~ At Olympian and Spring Akakan

Myoko area, which is also known for the large number of skiers gathering from the beginning to the middle of May every year

Members gathered at Akakura Kanko Resort Ski Resort, which is located in Myoko, started producing a video channel "RIDE FOR A SMILE" with the theme of "snowboarding that makes you smile" from the following 2015 season after a knee injury in 2016. "Toru Fujinuma".

Self-proclaimed entertainment world No. 1 snowboarder comedian "Iwa-chan" who has exactly the same date of birth
Toru & Iwa-chan are former teammates, born in Myoko and raised in Myoko.
A special shoot was taken by inviting the Tomita sisters of the Beijing Olympics Halfpipe Women's Japan National Team "Sena Tomita" & "Ruki Tomita" as guests. .. ..

Itaru Fujinuma, Hiroyuki Iwahara, Sena Tomita, Ruki Tomita

Hello, this is Itaru Fujinuma!

This time, I and Iwa-chan, a snowboard entertainer, invited Sena Tomita & Ruki to the Akakura Tourist Resort Ski Resort as guests.
I will tell you with a picture of Takahiro Nakanishi, a cameraman who has been indebted for a long time!

Itaru Fujinuma, Hiroyuki Iwahara

First of all, the reason why this kind of shooting was done this time
Sena Tomita, who won the X-GAMES this season and won the bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics.
Ruki Tomita, who won the World Cup and won the Beijing Olympics as soon as possible, won the 5th place in the Olympics, and won the overall victory in the Snowboard Masters.
I wonder if there are only two sisters who have achieved such a proud record among freestylers all over the world this season.From an early age, I knew what I thought was a sequel.
I was on good terms with my two fathers and mothers, and sometimes I went out to eat with the Tomitas.

The Tomita family, which should have been a dream for many years, couldn't do anything together on the snow with the two sisters who participated in the Olympics together and who achieved superb results of winning medals and winning prizes?That was the trigger.
First of all, can I tell you the date when Iwata will come to Myoko and shoot?Call out
When I tell my mom and dad that the shooting has been decided
I'm in Myoko, where I've decided to get a job at a company in Tokyo, so don't hesitate to give me a nice suggestion to join me.
When I told Ruki about the shooting schedule, I was happy to get OK and this shooting will be done.

The opportunity to be together at the shooting site with the two people who had been in a series of battles so far is very valuable, and I and Iwata both thought about the shooting content and went to shoot.

First of all, the classic series in "RIDE FOR A SMILE" that I and Iwata are doing together
I took a picture of female rider vs. Iwata.

Itaru Fujinuma, Hiroyuki Iwahara, Sena Tomita, Ruki Tomita

In the past, Ayumi Kitahara (Genten Stick) Fumika Hoshino (Sims) Asuka (Sabrina) and Iwata have played a great game (?) In this series, so I can shoot with my good friends. It's a series that makes you feel very happy both at the shooting site and when editing.

The flow is that each person puts out the tricks he wants to do and the theme tricks and competes for the accuracy to decide the victory or defeat, but this time the guest rider is the Tomita sisters, so it became a form of fighting with three people for the first time.

Ruki Tomita

It is Haruki who gives the theme of the first round.I'm going to have a kicker Crail showdown ...

Hiroyuki Iwahara

It is Iwata who gives the theme of the second round.
In this series, in a sense, it has become a standard, and this time too, the deadly tricks of the hilarious ones exploded if you did not receive attention from YOUTUBE ... What! ??What a hell! ??

Senaga! ??

The treasure of our Myoko citizens! ??

Japanese treasure!

Sena Tomita from all over the world! ??smile

(... watch the video)

sena tomita

The third round is a jib showdown!Until just before, I was wondering whether to do the theme of the third round on the rail or in the box, but in fact Jib is also very good at it.
Born and raised in Myoko, which is famous for heavy snowfall areas, he is an all-rounder who can do free riding with deep powder, park rides, and anything else at a super high level!

Itaru Fujinuma, Hiroyuki Iwahara, Sena Tomita, Ruki Tomita

During the shooting, it's fun to see the growth of the two people, who I've known since childhood, up close for the first time in a while.

Come on!How is the result of the showdown! ?? (Please check the video ~)


After that, we moved to the terrace of the restaurant "Aetor", which is the pride of Akakura Kanko Resort Ski Resort.

We shot a video series "What kind of board is the rider riding on?", Which is different from the confrontation series I was doing earlier, and asked Sena, Ruki, Toru, and Iwata to talk about the board!

We asked them to talk about the boards they used on many big stages so far!

Ruki Tomita

Watch this video for a variety of stories about the gear they actually use to fight the world, and the latest technology on the boards they use!


And finally, we asked the viewers a question for the two Olympians!

Itaru Fujinuma, Sena Tomita

About the back side of the big stage at the Beijing Olympics

I was asked to answer such a thing that can be understood only because it is a family unique to sisters.

A story unique to two people fighting against the world, a story of two private people other than snowboarding, etc.

I heard a lot of interesting stories, so please check this video to see how it looks!

There are a total of XNUMX videos taken at the Akakura Tourist Resort in the spring!
We hope that you will watch it and learn more about them, Iwa-chan & Toru, and everyone, and support us.

Thank you to Akakura Kanko Resort Ski Resort, cameraman Nakanishi, Sena Tomita & Ruki, and Iwata for their cooperation in shooting.

Itaru Fujinuma, Hiroyuki Iwahara, Sena Tomita, Ruki Tomita

The journey between me and Iwata is still going on!

Next time, "Go to Okutadami in Spring again this year! Let's go to a session with Fumika Hoshino!"

looking forward to~!




PS: Sena & Ruki Thank you for your hard work this season as well.
Super big success!Congratulations a lot!
It's just one page of a long rider's life, but I'm glad that we worked together to create the work.

I will continue to support you.
From Icchan