Address: 4658-58 Higashiogawa, Katashina-mura, Tone-gun, Gunma Prefecture

Phone number: 0278-58-2211

Business period: December 2021, 11 to April 27, 2022 (planned)

Business hours: 8: 15-16: 30 (depending on the time of year)

Access: Car> Approximately 50 minutes from the Numata IC on the Kan-Etsu Expressway.

Lift fee:
1-day pass: Adult 4,900 yen
Friendly pass: Adults 2,500 yen
* Top season charge.
* Friendly pass is a one-day pass limited to the 1st, 4th, and Central Lifts.


The finest powder at an altitude of 2,000 m and the long ride with a total length of 4 km are a masterpiece

Marunuma Kogen Ski Resort is attractive for its finest powder snow despite its good location about 2 hours from Nerima IC.If you get on the ropeway, you will reach the summit in no time.And the long course with a total length of 4km can slide down the altitude difference of 2,578m at a stretch with Mt. Nikko-Shirane at an altitude of 600m in the background.It boasts one of the highest altitudes in the Tone and Numata areas, and its good snow quality is also popular.The season is long, and it is also attractive that you can fully enjoy it from November to May.

The reason for its popularity is the fun of the rugged terrain.There are countless points where you can play with snow on the walls so that you can take advantage of the wide variety of terrain.There are also many points where you can jump using the wall.One of the fun things is to slide while looking for where you can fly and where you can hit it.On the wide course, you can enjoy the turn comfortably on the grooming burn, and of course, if the powder falls, you can enjoy the no-track on the non-compacted snow course on the steep slope.

FROZEN WAVE PARK MARUNUMA, the second year of this season, is the only snow surf park in the world produced by Taro Tamai of GENEMSTICK.A gentle swelling 2D terrain is artificially created on the course, and beginners to advanced users can enjoy it in one course.The lines you can imagine are endless, so check out the slippery lines of good people and try.Snow parks with jumps and jib items are also popular.There is a special lift on the course, which is perfect for those who want to practice over and over again.You can see the whole park from the lift, so check the slip of good people and aim for further improvement.There are many types and numbers of sections, and not only jumps, but also many uniquely shaped boxes and rail jib items will be placed.

The center station in front of the slope is equipped with a hot spring facility with a sauna and a spacious dressing room.In addition, there is a free rest area in the kids area where cushion toys that can be played for free are placed, which is nice for families.Kids who are tired of slipping can spend a relaxing time.



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