Hakuba Iwatake Snowfield

Resort Data

Address: 12056 Hokujo, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano Prefecture

Phone number: 0261-72-2474

Business period: November 2017, 12-May 15, 2018 (planned)

Access: Car> 60 minutes each from Azumino IC on Chuo Expressway, Nagano IC on Joshinetsu Expressway, and Itoigawa IC on Hokuriku Expressway

Train> Get off at Nagano Station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen ⇒ About 60 minutes by Hakuba Direct Express Bus, about 7 minutes by car from Hakuba Station on the JR Oito Line

Lift fee: 1-day ticket: Adults 4,400 yen, Children 2,600 yen, Seniors 3,900 yen 2-day tickets: Adults 7,800 yen, Children: 4,500 yen, Seniors 6,500 yen

URL: http://iwatake.jp/

The most courses in the Hakuba area are satisfying at any level!

In the field with a 360-degree panorama overlooking the mountains surrounding Shinshu and the view of the Northern Alps, 26 unique courses, which is the largest in the Hakuba area, spread from the summit to the north, south, east and west.The slope consists of two areas, the "mountain side" at the top of the mountain and the "village side" at the foot of the mountain. Course layout.“2 Deep Powder Courses” is the biggest attraction of Hakuba Iwatake, where you can enjoy 100% natural powder that is satisfying for powder freaks. There are 7 courses, "FIVE SIDE", "SONEZAWA", "DANGAN", "HIKAGE", "VIEW_A", "VIEW_B", and "VIEW + α".

Iwatake's charm is not limited to powder.The village side at the foot of the mountain is composed of a flat and beautiful barn that is often used as a venue for competitions and basic ski competitions.It's a great course to hone your carving turn skills.It's slippery as if you've leveled up at once.I'm sure that when you finish slipping and look back, the spur that has been carved beautifully will double the feeling of exhilaration.Furthermore, the fan park "DC PARK", which supports a wide range of levels from beginners, is also very popular.Iwatake is an ideal snow field that has all the elements that a snowboarder wants in a well-balanced manner.



Let's experience XNUMX popular powder courses at Hakuba Iwatake ...

Superb view of the Northern Alps & 2 of the most in the Hakuba area ...

"IWA TAKE STYLE" to enjoy with friends ...

With the concept of "Let's have fun with friends" ...
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