Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort


Address: 1655 Ishiuchi, Minami Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture

Phone number: 025-783-2222

Business period: December 2021, 12 to April 17, 2022 (planned)

Business hours: 8: 30-17: 00 (night game 16: 00-20: 00)

Access: Car> 3km (about 5 minutes) from the Shiozawa-Ishiuchi IC on the Kan-Etsu Expressway.

Train> 90 minutes from Tokyo by Joetsu Shinkansen.Free shuttle bus runs daily from Echigo Yuzawa Station.

Lift fee: 1-day ticket (valid for 8.5 hours)
Same-day window: Adults 5,400 yen, Juniors 3,600 yen, Seniors 4,600 yen
Advance WEB: Adults 4,600 yen, Juniors 3,100 yen, Seniors 4,100 yen


Ishiuchi Maruyama will become even more fun with the introduction of a snow-packed car exclusively for the park!

Surrounded by the mountains of Echigo, Ishiuchi Maruyama is located in the Uonuma area of ​​Niigata, which is blessed with one of the most snowy areas in Japan.It is a historic ski resort that has been loved for over 70 years because it is easily accessible from the metropolitan area, has a wide variety of courses, and you can enjoy a spectacular location.In recent years, new topics have been introduced, such as the appearance of new equipment one after another and the opening of a non-compacted snow tree run course.

The two tree run courses that gained popularity last season will continue to open this season.For the course in the mountaintop area, when you get off the mountaintop high-speed lift and walk around behind the "Friendship Bell" on your left, you will see a sign indicating the entrance to the tree run area.The pink ribbon attached to the tree is the border with the general slopes.There are several swamps in the area, and each swamp has a different tree spacing.Which line to choose depends on the slipper.

The other is the giant area under the Chuo Expressway Triple.The sliding distance is longer than the mountaintop area, the undulations are a little rough, there are many hit points such as mini mash, and there are dozens of sliding lines.Unlike the mountaintop area, you can easily access the non-compacted snow area because you can access it without taking off the board.You can also see the famous peak of Echigo Yuzawa, Iijisan, also known as "Ueda Fuji", and it is also a viewpoint where you can aim for a spray shot with Iijisan in the background.By the way, those courses make use of the natural form, so please enjoy free riding to capture the terrain even on non-powder days.

And Ishiuchi Maruyama is a snow park.Well-maintained, safe and flowing course design is attractive and highly evaluated by core riders.It has also been decided to introduce a dedicated snow-packed vehicle specializing in park construction this season.Expectations are gathered for this winter at the park, which will be developed with higher quality than ever before, such as the expansion of an area dedicated to beginners and the introduction of new jib items.It also has a world tournament-sized half-pipe operated by Minami Uonuma City, so why not experience the quality of this season when Japanese athletes are expected to play an active role in the Beijing Olympics.


The park in Ishiuchi Maruyama, Niigata is too hot right now !!

The great cold that I visited many times this season ...

A new tree run area has opened!Evolved Ishiuchi Maruyama ...

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