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Hello, this is CAP.Nekoma is finally scheduled to open on December 12th, and the full-scale season has begun.But, what is this strong motivation?I'm dying for snowboarding.It's all in my head.I'm sick, so if I have time to get rid of that anger, I'm slipping.img_1779This year's DAY5 is the Grandeco next door on Sunday the day before yesterday.It's still only one course, but long run is good, isn't it?Moreover, when the gondola was moving from Saturday, which was the open day of this season, I felt the strength of Deco.No, long run is good ❤️img_1788It won't stop anymore.It was a day when I felt that my desires were overflowing (laughs) and I was really stupid.Because, even if I slip, I can't see the end.what?I'm sick? Except for the hard spots on the way, it's a fun early season terrain.This year, my body will move somehow.Why?img_1793With that feeling in mind, DAY6 was before the opening of Nekomadake ...I came to check the course along Nekoma No. 1 Lift.Excuse me….This is slippery.But don't worry.Thu-Fri and heavy snow are forecast, so it will be completely reset.It is just a "course check".A moment when I'm glad I was involved in ski resorts.But here's the problem.As a matter of fact, I don't have a board that suits this condition.Last year, I put up about two Quivers for sale at once, and one of them was repainted and entered the factory.For the time being, I slip on the board I borrowed, but it's an S camber board.I got on for the first time in a long time.Then ... it's good.How do you feel in the powder?I wanted a new board.That's why I have a board I'm aiming for now.img_1757There is an image that RIDE! CAP is RIDE, but I am interested in the model called WARPIG.This SMALL size (148 cm).And one more ... K1's Party Platter 2cm, though there is no image. .. ..This year's theme is "Let's ride on a board that doesn't look like CAP."Wipe out the odor of Oji with a trendy short fat board (laughs)img_1804How was the first situation of the cat demon?Speaking of which, there was little snow in the lower flat part, but the other parts were in a condition with no bottom.It was quite heavy due to the influence of the south wind, but it was a no-track burn ❤️ treat for the first time in a long time. There may be some surprise opening on Saturday the 1th.

Heavy snow forecast from tomorrow night.It may not be possible to slide all at once, but let's see the strength of the Urabandai area, which is a heavy snowfall area.


2005 years from 12.As the marketing manager of Hoshino Resorts Alts Bandai / Urabandai Nekoma Ski Resort, he oversees attractive development, public relations, sales, and sales promotion.In the past, he was also involved in the development of BURTON SNOWBOARD's beginner-only board "LTR". In May 2017, he moved to Sherpa Co., Ltd. and started an inbounds attracting / attracting consultant with snow.He also serves as a writer for FREE RUN. Since July 5, he has been engaged as the senior adviser of citywave TOKYO as the operation manager of Asia's first artificial river surfing facility. Transferred to Sports Facility Management in June 2018 and started a wider range of advisory business.Currently, while working on a project to maximize the number of customers in Fukushima, during the season, he introduces Japanese mountains to foreigners as a dedicated guide for mint tours ( headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. ------------------------ Twitter: @ kei7cap Instagram: @ kei2019cap