PSA GS in Dynaland round 8

Pro Tour Round 8 PSG GS in Dynaland will be held at Gifu Oku Mino Dynaland Ski Resort !!!


Overseas expedition teams Yoshioka, Kohei, and Kamino will participate for the first time this season, and Vancouver Olympic gold medalist JJ Anderson will enter.

Expectations are high for a heated battle with big names from Japan and overseas.

It was in the Oku Mino area, which had been surrounded by the spring weather before the event, but it was raining the day before due to the approaching low pressure system.

Wet snow fell from midnight and the race barn was wrapped in wet snow powder.


Downhill course total length about XNUMXm.

After two shelves on a gentle slope, run down a XNUMX degree dip.Due to the amount of snowfall, the set itself is an easy set, but because of the land that contained a large amount of water due to the rain the day before and the wet snow that had fallen on it, I couldn't let it attack as I expected.

If you take off the line, everything will be absent, and instead of stopping, snow will fall on and off the course, bothering the players.


Taking advantage of the land, Sugimoto in 58.54nd place was XNUMX.

Immediately after, Goto updated the lap with 58.42.

While the top players are ticking the 59 seconds range one after another, Kobayashi, who is doing well, updated to 58.23, Kohei finished here without ticking the time due to a painful mistake, and the snow surface situation showing the appearance of sudden death is a player who stops attacking. It makes us merciless.

From behind, Yoshioka, who is also in great shape, started from XNUMXth place.

Under adverse conditions, he jumped to the leader by slipping in a different dimension, far away from 56.83 and Kobayashi and below.

Kamino started from XNUMXth, and Kamino also ran down the slope at a different speed range and passed through the finish.

With only 0.06, he hesitated Yoshioka's time and jumped to the top of the leader.

In addition, JJ Anderson, who started from 0.10th behind, finished lightly as if nothing had happened, and passed Kamino by 56.67 with a masterpiece slip and marked the top time with XNUMX.

JJ Anderson As expected, the time difference between Kamino and Yoshioka was 0.26, so I couldn't take my eyes off the second run.


The second girl.Maruyama waits for the following on a provisional lap of 1: 06.46.Yugami kept the advantage of 1: 07.11 and Kokita 1: 07.15, keeping the position of the first run.

Shitaka, who says that the finish of the material is outstanding, greatly separated Kokita from 1: 03.27 and won the championship with a dignified slip.


Women's results

One Akari Shitaka

Two Seiko Kokita

XNUMX Hanako Yugami


The second men's run, the top XNUMX flips started in order.


As with the 11th run, the standard time should be less than XNUMX minute.

While the top players struggled to survive in the 1 seconds range, Tosaki set a good time of 10 from 57.77th in the first run, followed by Kawashima at 58.51 to wait for the next high-ranking team at the finish.

Now, Takahashi, Sugimoto, and Goto have marked the 59-second range, leaving four people, and Kobayashi, who is fourth in the race, keeps the ranking with 4.

Then Yoshioka scored a goal at 55.92, and immediately after that, Kamino was charged hard, and just before the goal, he fell from the battle for the top due to a grievous fall in front of the XNUMXth gate.

The remaining JJ Anderson did not reach Yoshioka at 57.98.It was a wonderful victory for Yoshioka.


The men's result is

One Kentaro Yoshioka

XNUMX JJ Anderson

Three Manabu Kobayashi

Four Hiroki Tosaki

Five Kosuke Kawashima

6 Koji Sugimoto



Next round is the final GSS presents Sanada Jyuyusji CUP 2015

Held at Asama 2000 Park Ski Resort.

Let's expect the players' hot slip in the final race.