PSA ASIA Topic Rider Hikaru OGAWA (Hikaru Ogawa)


14.15 PSA ASIA Pro Snowboard Tour Introducing the riders who made the freestyle exciting !!!



Teru Ogawa


Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa

Lives in Obuse Town, Kamitakai District, Nagano Prefecture





Board used


Used in PARK, JAMP & JIB, SS competitions




REGULAR 50 cm F6 ° R6 °


I started snowboarding with my family when I was 5 years old, and for several years I did it as a family winter event.

I learned about Snova Shin-Yokohama when I was in the 4th grade of elementary school, and I started going to school outside of winter.

There, I met good people and professionals, and gradually became aware of professionals.

At that time, it seems that it was a form of focusing on the half pipe and doing jumps.

When he became a junior high school student, he lived a life of going to the ski resort while helping him as a resident at "Minshuku Tobacco" near the Takeson ranch ski resort because he was snowboarding as long as he had time in winter.
At that time, he was under 15 years old, so he participated in tournaments, mainly half-pipes.

In 2007 and 2008, he also won the All Japan Junior Championships on the Halfpipe.

In 2009, he turned 15 years old to participate in Slopestyle.

The first all-Japan is 6th.

The following year, 2010, I was hit by an accident called an injury.

When I returned to high school in 2011, I was ranked 2rd in the slopestyle of the 29th All Japan Championship, and I got a professional qualification.

In the 3-2011 season of the third year of high school, he made a good start with 12nd place in the first MBA of his first year as a professional.

However, the rest of the tournament did not go well and the season ranking was 9th.


In the second season of the pro season, 2-2012, he was ranked first in the PSA tour ranking and became the best rider.

Last year's 2013-14 season, the PSA tour ranking was second.

It seems that the female slopestyle core rider has become firmly established along with the top rankers.



In the 2014-15 season, he advanced to the final in the first MBA.In the second round, Takai Fuji, he won the championship and achieved stable results, and he is a player who can expect and look forward to the rest of the season and tour rankings.

From the year before last, when I got my license at the same time as graduating from high school, I left my parents' house and moved to Obuse City, Nagano Prefecture, where I can devote myself to snowboarding all year long.

In the season, I use Nagano and X-JAM Takai Fuji as a practice base for activities such as shooting and competitions, and in the off-season, I practice at Obuse Kings and now I am living a fulfilling professional snowboarder life in a better environment.


Currently, he wants to expand the scope of activities to activities with a view to the national team, such as domestic SAJ and FIS competitions centered on the PSA ASIA Pro Tour, and to overseas competitions in the future.

I'm really looking forward to his future activities.