Peak Performance Off Piste Zone OPEN!

Advanced course of completely non-compacted snow newly established this season
"Peak Performance Off-Piste Zone"

The opening of the course was delayed due to light snow, but
Currently open and for many powder freaks
Have fun!

The entrance is a little difficult to understand,
If you hike a little from the side of the gingin course in the Nagamine area
You will see the signboard.
CB1C0940Closed due to weather conditions and course conditions
In some cases,
Please enjoy only when the signboard is "OPEN"!

CB1C0959For completely non-compacted snow
It's fun to glide on the natural mountain surface,
Because it is a difficult course with a maximum inclination of 32 ° and a total length of 1,000 m
Please enjoy safety first.

CB1C1051 More snow
I hope you can enjoy the off-piste zone more and more!
We look forward to seeing you there!


The ultimate short access of 1 minute from the IC is convenient! 26 diverse courses and extensive facilities are popular!The snow park in the Maiko area has been renewed OPEN !!! MAIKO SNOW PARK “GARDEN”   Official Website