PASTiME pre-open!

PASTiME was successfully pre-opened!

I was wondering what to do when I knew that the door wasn't in time, but it was just right for some reason.

By the way, the signboard is also installed and the appearance at night looks like this

It stands out on the Yaen-kaido at night w

The door is XNUMX colors of PASTiME color

By the way, these red, blue, yellow and white are the theme colors of PASTiME and express the <three primary colors>.

It is said that if you mix these three colors, you can make any color.

The remaining one color, white, can be seen by looking at the PASTiME logo, but the shape is a palette.

Want to find your own color on PASTiME?I put a meaning

If you come here, we will aim to be a store where you can meet a snowboarding life that suits each person.

The interior looks like this

It's a spacious store that doesn't have all the items yet.

The lamp space looks like this

People are coming in from around the evening and it is crowded!

It looks like this from inside the store

This window is polycarbonate, not glass.It's so strong that it's used for shields, so it won't break.

On the first day of the pre-opening, Mr. Ken, the manager of AZure, also brought flowers.

We are waiting for you to prepare alcohol, drinks, catering, etc. at the grand opening on the 14th.The number of parking lots is limited, so it would be helpful if you could come by train.Of course, those who drink alcohol!

PASTiME boardshop grand opening
4th February (Sunday)
AM13:00 ~ PM22:00