PARK HOW TO by P-can.FACTORY Enjoy Level 2 Lane at Nekoma Ski Resort Hoshino Resort

PARK HOW TO video series by P-can.FACTORY
Enjoy Level XNUMX lanes at Nekoma Ski Resort at Hoshino Resort while enjoying the edge pow.
Nekoma Ski Resort has a park that you can enjoy at any level.This time, we went to a level 5 course with 7m, 3m, and XNUMXm triple kickers.To enjoy it safely, start with the check line. Check the first and second times, and fly in earnest at the third time.Don't forget to check the speed of the person flying first.

Takato Taniguchi
Fumika Hoshino
Akane Nagao

Let's take a closer look at the riding of the three level XNUMX courses and master the practice method and how to play the park.
"Because I make mistakes and fall many times before I can decide the technique in the park, it's fun when I succeed"!

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