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Hello, this is CAP.This is probably the first update in over two years.For the past 2 years... I've been living as a sole proprietor after quitting the "company employee" that I've been working for over 2 years.Among the many projects, I have spent time producing Palcole Tsumagoi in Gunma Prefecture, but the contract expired on March 15st, so I was able to talk about various things including inside stories, so why Palcole Tsumagoi? Let me tell you how much I have gained so far.

The origin of the matter dates back to 2020 when an Australian investor entered.It begins with a request that a former Hoshino Resorts Alts Bandai comrade-in-arms be appointed as General Manager (GM) of the entire resort and oversee all marketing, sales, and branding.At that time, we were in the midst of the corona crisis, so the inbound business, which was our main battlefield, was quite tough, so we started the contract in April 2021 so that we could make it in time for the winter of 22-2021.It turns out that Palcall Tsumagoi was a rather interesting customer base from past performance.That means that 4 visitors are guaranteed every year regardless of the amount of snow.Cableway income (lift ticket + season pass sales) was 8 million yen (120 million yen because 1 million yen = 100 million yen), which is small for the scale.

As a result of considering the intentions of the Aussie owners and the intentions of the GM, etc., it became essential to "acquire a new segment" with 8 people + on-top, and it was concluded that this segment is the most suitable for snowboarders.The reasons for this are (XNUMX) the natural environment that allows for efficient artificial snowfall, (XNUMX) the structure of gentle slopes and wide slopes, and (XNUMX) the high rate of fine weather and little natural snowfall.

Many of the formulas taken by such resorts around the world have been theories of 'large-scale park construction'.why?The reason is clear.If there is a lot of natural snowfall, it will cost more to dig out park items.Of course, in order to operate the artificial snow machine, a large amount of electricity and water charges (if spring water is not used) will be charged, but in the first place, a large park (for advanced users) will be created because it is mainly gentle slopes. Otherwise, it wouldn't cost that much.Rather than that, we decided that having a “park that anyone can enter” where quality is guaranteed would attract more customers.The park crew is Mr. Nobuo Otake's team, and the park design is Ryo Aizawa, who is excited now.Anyway, the 2021-22 season will be a battle with a park that surprises everyone and makes everyone want to go, and many other attractions.That was last year.

Last year was amazing.8 people each year.The number of people affected by COVID-6 increased from less than 115,000 to 200, and cableway income exceeded 30M.The gondola has a 45-4 minute wait every weekend.And the April event, uzumaki...I think that there were many people who were surprised by the topic of the topic and the rising star who suddenly jumped out in the industry.However, it was also a stepping stone for this year (2-22 season) in the second year.This year, we were aiming for 23 people and 15M cableway income, and by the end of November, various possibilities had increased.However, since December, problems with the company organization and problems with snowfall have come to light, and as a result, this year has been a very tough season.Of course, it is true that this area had extremely low snow and high temperatures, which is rare in an average year, but it was also true that the fragility of the organization was exposed more than that.

The same can be said for any company organization, but if the boatman is not clear, it will be difficult for the staff under him to manage well.And if you don't share the same mission, you'll be sailing in the darkness where you don't know where you're going, and you'll feel uneasy.As a result, the season ended without various gears meshing well.

I believe that ski resorts are the root cause of the declining snowboarding population.Unless the resort is changed from the inside, the number of snowboarders will not increase.What do you need for that?It is to provide customers with excitement.How much do we people at the resort love skiing and snowboarding?How much are you enjoying your resort? Last year when we held uauzmaki, and this off-season, we kept moving to put it into practice, but the company organization didn't fit well.That's why the contract expired. CAPs are freelancers and have the right to focus on work that interests them.So I decided to leave Palcall Tsumagoi.

Why has Palcall Tsumagoi been so successful for the last two years (actually one year)?The answer is very simple.I believe that this is because the staff, who love their resort, continue to inspire and provide the best products to our customers.The guts theory doesn't work well in business, but the mental theory is very important.Of course, there are detailed tactics such as the timing of PR, but it is very important that the underlying feeling of "making our resort the most dangerous place in Japan" is.

For the time being, I plan to focus on inbound business.I would like to thank all the people who have been involved in Palcall Tsumagoi and all the customers who have come.And to all the staff who worked together with us on an unreasonably difficult project.Thank you.


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2005 years from 12.As the marketing manager of Hoshino Resorts Alts Bandai / Urabandai Nekoma Ski Resort, he oversees attractive development, public relations, sales, and sales promotion.In the past, he was also involved in the development of BURTON SNOWBOARD's beginner-only board "LTR". In May 2017, he moved to Sherpa Co., Ltd. and started an inbounds attracting / attracting consultant with snow.He also serves as a writer for FREE RUN. Since July 5, he has been engaged as the senior adviser of citywave TOKYO as the operation manager of Asia's first artificial river surfing facility. Transferred to Sports Facility Management in June 2018 and started a wider range of advisory business.Currently, while working on a project to maximize the number of customers in Fukushima, during the season, he introduces Japanese mountains to foreigners as a dedicated guide for mint tours ( headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. ------------------------ Twitter: @ kei7cap Instagram: @ kei2019cap