If you want to hit the best snow, don't miss it!Evolved OMO7 Asahikawa such as today's powder information and fast track liner operation

Asahikawa, which was featured in FREERUN magazine this season, is located in a corner of the Hokkaido powder belt and is becoming more and more popular as a ski city with easy access to ski resorts of various sizes.It is good to stay at one resort and slide in slowly, but the main reason why Asahikawa is becoming more popular is that you can choose the best ski resort according to the conditions of the day and go skiing.

It is more reasonable than staying at a hotel in the resort, and visiting local bars and restaurants is also an advantage of staying in the city, but Asahikawa has the second downtown area of ​​Hokkaido.There are about 2 restaurants in the city, and the alleys of "2,000/3 Street (Sanroku Street)", which retains the atmosphere of the early Showa period, are exciting and exciting just to take a walk.The fact that after-snow is substantial is also one of the reasons why Asahikawa is becoming more popular.

Based on this Asahikawa, "OMO7 Asahikawa by Hoshino Resort" supports skiing and snowboarding life.A program that enhances your snow life during your stay, such as operating a free shuttle bus to nearby ski resorts, a WAX BAR that guests can use, and a tour that guides you to a bar where skiers and snowboarders gather. We carry out a lot of.And this season, four new services will be introduced to further enhance the service.For those who want to hit the powder and enjoy the good snow, please check out the new service that you can't miss.

Get real powder information!Don't miss the fast track

1. Get to know "Today's powder information"

"Today's powder information" will be held to tell you about the ski resorts where you can enjoy the most powder snow of the day.Information on real-time conditions such as the weather and snow quality of the day is collected from the staff of each ski resort.Based on the collected information, the hotel staff will become a "powder information specialist" and independently determine the "powder index" of each ski resort.It will tell you real information such as videos received from each ski resort and spills from local staff.
Time: 6: 30 to 6: 45
Location: OMO base

2 Powder information officer broadcasts live from the snowy mountains in the early morning (only on days when the ski resort is in good condition)

When the conditions are such as "Today's powder looks the best!", The locals will report the situation of the snowy mountains live.A powder information officer dispatches himself to the snowy mountains in the early morning.Not only does it convey the conditions of the snowy mountains in real time, but it also answers what skiers and snowboarders want to know.
Time: 6: 45 to 7: 00
Remarks: Held irregularly depending on the conditions of the snowy mountains

3 Fast Track Guarantee! Operates "First Track Liner"

We arbitrarily select the ski resort in the best condition of the day and operate a shuttle car that departs in time for the fast track.The destination will be decided based on today's powder information.You can go to the standard snowy mountains and ski resorts such as Daisetsuzan Asahidake and Kamui Ski Links, as well as local ski resorts with excellent snow quality that are not listed in the guidebook.
Price: XNUM X yen (tax included)
Capacity: 9 people (starting from 1 person)
Reservation: Reservation at the front desk by 21:XNUMX the day before

4 "SNOW BUM Lounge" powers up

The lounge in the OMO base where skiers and snowboarders can interact with each other has been enhanced.We will open a dedicated salon space as a place to relax.Let the ski and snowboard discussions bloom in a playful space with relaxing furniture, big screen footage, games and more.Continuing from last season, we have set up a slope map for each ski resort and exchange notes for skiers and snowboarders to freely send information.Drinks are also served at the OMO Cafe & Bar counter on the same floor.
Period: December 2021, 12 to March 1, 2022
Time: 17: 00 to 22: 00
Location: OMO base

Look up information on the many ski resorts, scrutinize and go to the best slopes ... this is not an easy task. At OMO7 Asahikawa, it is a very nice new project that you can get the information while you are at the hotel.Furthermore, in order to be in time for the fast track, you usually want to arrive at the site about an hour before the lift operation.A normal shuttle bus won't make it in time ...But with the Fast Track Liner, you can enjoy the slopes in the morning without your own car.It is also a nice point to be able to interact with other snowboarders to get information on slopes that have not been visited yet during your stay.The same snow lovers are gathering.Feel free to enjoy the conversation is the real pleasure of traveling.Please make full use of this new service to enhance your snow life this year!

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Services up to last year will continue, such as transportation to and from nearby ski resorts, sale of common lift tickets, free WAX ​​BAR, and SNOW BUM purveyor bar tour.

<Declaration of the highest level of corona measures>

And at all Hoshino Resorts, including OMO7 Asahikawa, we have implemented thorough corona measures in consideration of health and public health in order to enjoy traveling safely as part of corona measures.
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