Kotatsu is now available on the Sapporo City Tram! [OMO3 Sapporo Susukino (Omo) by Hoshino Resorts]

Dress code is T-shirt!

Eating ice cream while sitting on a warm tram.Outside the window is the snowy landscape of Sapporo.
We would like to introduce you to a program where you can have such a luxurious experience!

Surprisingly, in cold Hokkaido, there is a custom of eating ice cream indoors with a warm stove in the winter.Because of the cold weather, houses in Hokkaido are extremely secretive.That's why you can eat ice cream in the middle of winter wearing only a T-shirt.

The ``Sapporo Kotatsu Ice Tram'' was planned to allow people from outside Hokkaido to experience something unique to Hokkaido.The project was planned by an in-town hotel where you can fully enjoy Susukino, a city filled with the charm of food."OMO3 Sapporo Susukino by Hoshino Resorts". The concept is “happy night owl”.A 1 hour and 20 minute charter service will be held exclusively for guests staying at the hotel.

What is OMO?
Hoshino Resorts has 15 facilities nationwide, and these are exciting "inside the town" hotels.A new type of hotel created by staff who love the city in collaboration with local residents.
You'll come across an unexpected attraction, and before you know it, you'll even love the city.

Charter the Sapporo City Tram,
Eating ice cream while looking at the snowy landscape makes you feel like a ``dosanko''!

Since the doors do not open or close at each stop, the room temperature is always warm.Starting from Susukino, the route will take you around the center of Sapporo city, including the lively shopping streets and areas rich in nature, and then return to Susukino.Part of the fun is seeing the scenery unique to Sapporo, a snowy country, spread out outside the window, with mountains of snow piled high on the sidewalks, Mt. Okura in the distance, a jumping field, and twinkling neon lights.

The Sapporo City Tram is an important means of transportation for Sapporo citizens, and is one of only 19 tram lines in the country, and will instantly refresh your Sapporo travel mood.This is the second season since it started last December.This year, in addition to the kotatsu, hot water bottles made from azuki beans, one of Hokkaido's specialties, will be available.For the ice cream, we procured the popular ``Secoma Hokkaido Creamy Soft'' from ``Seico Mart'', a convenience store used by Hokkaido residents.It's a content that will make you feel like a Hokkaido citizen.Let's eat ice cream while looking at the snowy scenery on the warm city tram and enjoy the feeling of being a child!

Seicomart's original ice cream.Characterized by the flavor and richness of milk made with dairy products from Hokkaido
Azuki beans have a heat-retaining effect, and when heated, they don't cool down easily and can be used repeatedly, making them a very sustainable natural body warmer.
OMO3 Sapporo Susukino is a ``inside the town'' hotel located in Susukino, which is filled with the charm of food.A great location where you can enjoy Hokkaido gourmet food while enjoying a snow trip.

Limited to Thursdays and Fridays, capacity is 20 people.

The implementation period is Thursdays and Fridays from December 2023, 12 to March 1, 2024.Starting at 3:29pm, the tour will take you around the city for 17 hour and 20 minutes.Participation fee is 1 yen per person.If you do not have a dress code T-shirt, you can purchase one for 20 yen. Reservations are required at least 1 days in advance, so if you're thinking of staying at OMO3,500 Sapporo Susukino this winter, be sure to join this program!

Period: December 2023, 12 to March 1, 2024, Thursday and Friday only
Price: 1 yen per person, 3,500 yen per T-shirt (all prices include tax) *T-shirts are optional.
Price includes: Sapporo tram ride, Secoma Hokkaido creamy soft serve, tea, and azuki hot water bottle rental
Time: 17:20-18:50 (including time to travel to boarding location)
Location: Gather at OMO3 Sapporo Susukino and board the Sapporo City Tram chartered stop.
Target: Guests
Capacity: 20 people
Reservation: Official website (https://hoshinoresorts.com/ja/hotels/omo3sapporosusukino/) at. Reserve at least 7 days in advance

OMO by Hoshino Resorts