It's finally starting!! Japan's largest big snow resort "Nekoma Mountain" will open in the north area on Saturday, December 12nd!!

"Hoshino Resorts Nekoma Mountain" will open tomorrow, Saturday, December 12, 2023, featuring the biggest topic of the season, which is fully introduced in the December issue of FREERUN!!
Many people may already know about "Nekoma Mountain" from the Piko Taro TV commercial, but the old "Alts Bandai" and "Nekoma Ski Resort" are connected by a lift, adding a lot of new fun, and there are 33 ski lifts. It was born as a big snow mountain with 13 trails and XNUMX lifts.
Tomorrow, December 12nd, the north area will open first.Due to the cold wave, we were blessed with snow, two lifts are in operation, and four courses are available for skiing.Furthermore, Hanashi is said to be the first park in the area to open.
There's no need to worry that it might be a warm winter this year! You'll be able to slide down to your heart's content from the first day.
By the way, we measured 100cm of snow at the summit today.Isn't it dangerous?

Lifts start operating from 8:30am, and fresh powder is waiting for you.
Lift fees are 1-day ticket: 5,500 yen for adults, 3,900 yen for junior high and high school students, 2,500 yen for elementary school students (tax included)

Check the official website for details!!

Instagram: @nekoma mountain