NO.75_ "The fit and cool looks that you forget to wear are the best. ELECTRIC KLEVELAND" by

HUB rideshop (Iwate) owner, Mr. Fujikura

"Recently, there are various high-tech goggles out there, but I personally emphasized the fit, and ELECTRIC's KLEVELAND was the best. It's light enough to forget to wear it, and it fits with a soft frame. The feeling is also outstanding. Especially recommended for people who like parks, because parks move quite hard, because they do not shift even in such cases. Also, since becoming a Japan lens, it is very good. It's easier to see, and Iwate has a lot of environments where the lens tends to get cloudy, but I didn't get it. Personally, the GREY / GOLD CHROME Japan lens was in the best condition. Looks when you put it on. This is the most important thing. And it's cool that the team riders are cool. Using the things that the rider you admire loves is one of the reasons why you want to go to the mountains. I from."

★ Frame color: MATTE BLACK
★ Lens color: GRAY / GOLD CHROME
★ Price: 18,000 yen

Even if you twist it lightly by hand, it feels like this.There is no reason why the soft frame and lens do not fit the face.
My favorite is the GRAY / GOLD CHROME Japan lens.Anyway, it seems easy to see.
KLEVELAND has a wide variety of frame colors and Japanese lens colors.This is a part of it.

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