NO.74_ "Japan-made snow skate that anyone can play. PEACEMAKER SNOWSKATE STOKE" by FREAK (Gifu) Manager Bambi

★ Overall length: 1,040mm
★ Price: 57,000 yen

The truck is an original design and adopts a 2-piece movable type.It reduces clogging during gliding.
The nose and tail are rockers, and a hybrid structure with camber between them.It supports from compressed snow burn to spring shaba snow.

"I've been riding the PEACE MAKER since it was first sold to the general public, and this winter it will increase to three models, but I think it's easier to play for the first time at 3mm. The advantage is that it works anyway. If you tilt the board, the track will bend the board and make it square. Probably the first snowboard that sharpens the carving. Also, it is interesting that you can move the board freely with a free foot that is not on the snowboard. There are lots of new stimuli, and just as skateboarding makes snowboarding better, no, playing on the snow may be even more effective? Snow runs only in the morning in early spring. Even on a day, if it's snowboarding, stop snow isn't a pain, and on the contrary, you can enjoy it. However, "No matter how soft it is, it's a punishment game to play with snowboard boots," (Matsuura) Task said. But let's play with special shoes or skate shoes.Please be careful only there. "

FREAK (Gifu) Manager, Bambi