NO.73_ "One that makes it easy to ride from powder to park. SIMS DISTORTION" by KONA SURF (Hokkaido) Rider Shuhei Sato

★ Size variations: 149, 152, 155, 158, 161 Wcm
★ Price: 61,000 yen

The peak part of the camber is flat, and it features a hybrid shape with a transform zone at the contact point with the snow surface.It makes various slips easier.

"Recently, I often go to the backcountry, and I want to make the movement more attractive than a single shot. So I chose a soft DISTORTION. This board is twin-tip and the top part of the camber is flat. It also features a hybrid structure. Also, there is a part like a transform zone that changes shape depending on how you put your weight. Thanks to that, it is easier to move than a normal camber board even in powder. However, I wanted to make finer movements, so I made it 155 cm this season. I set back about 152 to 2.5 cm, and I can afford the powder from Hokkaido. Japanese mountains have many short lines, so it is soft. With a well-managed board, it's easier to connect to the next point with a clean turn. Parks often ride on ATVs, but these days they're also on parks and pipes as they are. Free anywhere. It should be the best companion for those who want to play in style! "

KONA SURF (Hokkaido) Rider Shuhei Sato