NO.72_ "Anyway, the lens is dangerous! Technology is too clogged !! DICE BANK" by SHIFT (Chiba) Vice President Satake

★ Frame color: WHITE
★ Price: 28,000 yen

Equipped with PHOTOCHROMIC technology that changes the brightness of the lens in response to the amount of ultraviolet rays.The unevenness of the snow surface can be clearly seen even in low light conditions.
A-BLOW system that pops up the lens when the side parts are raised.Instantly creates an air flow in the lens and eliminates cloudiness.

"In addition to the system that the lens pops open, there is a special coating on the inside that absorbs moisture. It delays the formation of water droplets considerably, so it is hard to cloud or cloudy. It is attractive that there is no such thing. Besides, there is a feeling that the lens technology is out of place. The lens color of the photochromic lens called PHOTOCHROMIC changes automatically depending on the ultraviolet rays, and the visibility is constant regardless of whether the surroundings are dark or bright. It feels like I'm doing it. That's why I don't know if the weather has changed (laughs). Furthermore, the lens itself is strong, and even though it's a mirror, it's hard to get scratched. Isn't that amazing? If you do, you will be able to feel the goodness more and more, so it will become popular. "

SHIFT (Chiba) Vice President, Mr. Satake

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