NO.71_ "Coexistence of high response and elegant usability. FLUX XF" by bussel emphatic style (Tokyo) Manager Tsujimura

bussel emphatic style (Tokyo) Manager Tsujimura

"I think that a completed model that produces an elegant undercarriage is a suitable explanation for XF. The rough stone of XF was FEEDBACK released in 2007, and SF appeared later, and XF as a higher model. Except for titanium and carbon, I think that it is the world's top in the category of high response binding currently on the market. However, it is a ticking suspension like F1 and super car. Not only that, it has a high-class feel with gentle cushioning like a VIP car and quietness without waste. It has reliable hardness, yet the board operation on the terrain is surprisingly agile. Feedback from John Jackson It's a model that feels strong. "

★ Size: XS ~ L
★ Price: 40,000 yen

It looks symmetrical on the left and right, but when you look at the inside, there is a pad on the outside and the tip becomes soft toward the inside, which fits the performance at low speed and the 3D movement of the foot.