NO.70_ "Funwari & refreshing! The silhouette of the matching technique is ◎. AA wear" by Moriyama Sports Main Store (Shiga) Rider and staff Mr. Sakano

Moriyama Sports Main Store (Shiga) Rider and staff, Mr. Sakano
Photo: Shinya Kawai

"I like the unusual silhouette and unique colors, so I wanted to wear this setup. The jacket has the best fluffy feel and exquisite color, and I personally squeeze the hem a little to make it round. I like the pants. I like the slightly squeezed hem, and the thickness that the hem does not rub when I tighten the zip is just right. Of course, it has not only the appearance but also the minimum necessary functions, and the fabric It's soft and easy to move. Especially, the pants are durable and waterproof, so there is a sense of security. It's nostalgic but new. I'm dying for that. I want people of all ages to wear this setup. "

★ Size: S-XL
★ Color: GRAY × SLATE
★ Price: 28,000 yen

927 PT
★ Size: S-XL
★ Price: 30,000 yen

A storable pass case on the jacket.It is full of such useful functions.
The hem of the pants is slightly squeezed, which leads to an exquisite silhouette that is not too loose.