NO.69_ "Goggles with magnet function that has the strongest cost performance. SPY + MARAUDER" by HOTSTYLE Toyooka (Hyogo) Manager Miyagaki

★ Frame color: SPY + PHUNKSHUN
★ Lens color: HD + BRONZE / GOLD SPECTRA
★ Price: 25,000 yen

Not only can the lens be easily removed by the magnet function, but it also has a proper locking function, so only the lens will not blow off when it falls.

"In the Kansai area, the temperature and humidity are high, and there are many situations where it is easy to get cloudy. Therefore, it is a great advantage that the lens can be easily removed. Besides, the goggles fly when the powder or kicker moss, and the lens Isn't it covered with snow? Even in such a case, you can remove the lens and wipe it with a cloth while riding the lift, so the revival is very quick. Moreover, the goggles with magnet function and spare lenses are also available. I think this price is about XNUMX yen cheaper than other brands. Also, the lens itself is in very good condition. The high contrast lens called HD + cuts harmful rays. You can see the unevenness of the snowy mountains. It doesn't matter if the area gets a little dark. I like the frameless look, and I definitely recommend it to people whose faces aren't too big. "

HOTSTYLE Toyooka (Hyogo) Manager Miyagaki

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