NO.68_ "Freestyle boots with an attractive fit. NITRO TEAM TLS" by Schneider (Nagano) Manager Yamagishi

★ Size: 25-29 cm
★ Color: STONE x BLACK
★ Price: 55,000 yen

TLS (TWIN LACING SYSTEM) that enables quick tightening.It does not block the blood flow of the foot, the hook part is hard to slip, and the lace itself is high quality and there is no point in complaining.
The inner CLOUD9 LINER, which is classified as a high-spec item in NITRO's boot lineup, is used, so it fits well on your feet.

"At first I was skeptical, but when I was told by a NITRO rider to wear it last season, it was insanely good (laughs). Maybe it fits my feet, but it's really comfortable to wear. I didn't feel stress even if I wore it all day, I didn't get tired because it was so light, and I didn't hurt anywhere. I was able to get used to my feet and play hard from the first day I wore it. The fit that doesn't float at all is a wonderful word. Also, is it good to make the boots? It feels pretty soft when you wear it because the position of the slit is exquisite. It's strange that the reaction is not slow even though you can move it freely. It feels like boots. However, for those who like insanely hard boards and those who want to do carving tightly, it may not be a little hard, but I think that I am good at powder and park. As a neck It's a bit pricey, but I think it's worth it. "

Schneider (Nagano) Manager, Mr. Yamagishi

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