NO.65_ "Make the super light helmet cooler! ANON HELO" by SEE'S (Hokkaido) Staff Mr. Hirama

the ANO
★ Size: XS-XL
★ Color: BLACK
★ Price: 13,000 yen

★ Size: One size
★ Price: 4,500 yen

Since it is a size that wraps the helmet comfortably, wearing a hood warmer will considerably eliminate the feeling of a helmet.

"I usually wear a helmet because it is recommended by the shop. If it is an insurance that does not seriously injure you, you should wear it. HELO 2.0 that can be fine-tuned with BOA There are some, but I fit perfectly with HELO, and it is attractive that it is lighter than anything else. It is not necessary to put a burden on the neck if it is a little lighter. Also, it is very reasonable. Isn't it going to cost 3 yen? However, since the silhouette of the head becomes sloppy with only a helmet, I also use a hood warmer like wearing a parka hood. I know so far. Is only BURTON and ANON. The hood warmer that is worn on the helmet is a little sloppy in size, and I like the fact that it doesn't get stuffy even when it gets wet or damp. "

SEE'S (Hokkaido) Staff Mr. Hirama

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