NO.63_ "Lightweight boots with strong elasticity that creates sharpness and reduces fatigue. DEELUXE EDGE" by JET (Nagano) Owner Jumbo Furukawa

★ Size: 24.5-30.5cm (1cm pitch)
★ Color: BLACK
★ Price: 55,000 yen

The whole is tightened with speed lace, the ankle is BOA, and the sneaker part is tightly tightened with a power belt.
Since it is a thermoformed thermo-inner, it can be used by people whose foot size differs by about 1 cm from side to side.

"I like the fact that DEELUXE has the highest hardness, is light, and has a good hold. After all, the harder it is, the sharper the carving. No, should I just say that it has a stronger tension? It hurts when it's hard, but it's beautiful and returns, so it becomes a supporter of muscle strength. If the power escapes, there is no choice but to cover it with muscle strength. Is it because of age, 2, I'm tired of three and I don't have a body for half a day (bitter smile). Also, even if I use it hard, it's hard to hold and it's good to hold. It's nice to be able to adjust the hardness with it. Not only people who want to do carving well, but also excellent in shock absorption of landing, and because it reacts quite quickly, I think that it is suitable for people who are oriented towards competition in parks and pipes. At home, people who used to wear EMPIRE tend to buy harder boots. Boots that are stable and reliable at high speeds are popular these days. "

JET (Nagano) Owner Jumbo Furukawa