NO.61_ "High-spec & eco-friendly HORSE FEATHERS wear that can slide comfortably even in extremely cold weather." By SEAMORE (Hokkaido) Manager Kimura

SEAMORE (Hokkaido) Manager Kimura

"This is a jacket and pants setup categorized as" POWDER LINE "of HORSE FEATHERS.In Japan, "ATRIP LINE" is featured in bright colors that are light and easy to move, but the top and bottom are made of fabric that boasts excellent waterproofness and breathability, and the softness that is characteristic of HORSE FEATHERS. The texture makes it easy to move, and thanks to the moderate amount of batting, it also retains heat, so you can snowboard comfortably in any condition.In addition, 93% of the batting material is made of recycled fibers from plastic bottles, and the plastic bag that wraps the product at the time of delivery is also 100% naturally decomposed by the material called P-LIFE.Wouldn't this be great for snowboarders who continue to play in nature?The design is simple and the functionality is high, so it should be cool if an adult snowboarder wears it!Of course, it's obvious that it's fashionable even if you wear a 17-year-old cool age like my high school rider, Jinichiro Abe, who became the model this time. "

★ Size: S ~ XXL
★ Color: BRICH
★ Price: 47,000 yen

★ Size: S ~ XXL
★ Color: BRICH
★ Price: 40,000 yen

A setup that belongs to POWDER LINE, which uses high-spec fabrics and films to allow comfortable riding even in extremely cold regions.
Large pockets on both chests and a cover to keep the edges of the waterproof zip from freezing.Useful for storing valuables, smartphones, etc.

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