NO.60_ "New hybrid board of MOSS that can be enjoyed in a good way" by B-TREE (Okayama) Owner, Mr. Shimosakaida

★ Size variation: 156cm
★ Price: 80,000 yen

There is a camber between both feet, but a hybrid shape that incorporates a rocker from around the outside of both feet.It is easier to handle than camber, and it has buoyancy even with powder.

"I was fascinated by the fact that it was a free riding model that was not in the MOSS board lineup so far. Until now, even though it was suitable for free riding, MOSS has a camber board with a high edge grip like KING and TOTO. Many of them seemed to be more carving-oriented and snowboard cross-oriented, but this BURNER has a camber center and a rocker from the outside where the binding is attached, so I think it can be enjoyed in all situations. Powder Not only, I think it's easy to move lightly in grooming burns and snowboarding. In the first place, I prefer to enjoy it with the feeling of operation only under my feet, rather than slipping with a tight edge. I think it's one that you can enjoy the mountains with a good feeling, and it seems to further enhance the playfulness when you are grooming. "

B-TREE (Okayama) owner, Mr. Shimosakaida

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