NO.58_ "One that can run dashingly powder. BURTON SENSEI -FAMILY TREE-" by FREE (Hokkaido) Owner, Mr. Sato

★ Size variations: 151, 156, 161, 170 cm
★ Price: 92,000 yen

This board was developed by Masanori Takeuchi, a legend that Japan is proud of in the world.He is sometimes called a teacher in Europe and the United States, and the board name is said to have changed to SENSEI.
Speaking of powder, there is a big rocker on the nose ... but in deep snow, it may be easier to move based on a normal camber!

"I wanted to ride this board because I completely liked the bends and outlines. In Hokkaido, the snow is too light in the high season, and if the nose rocker is too long, it floats too much and snow. I wonder if I'm riding too much on top ... It can be unstable at high speeds. In that respect, this SENSEI is a normal camber with a directional shape, and the nose is a little big and the tail is a little It's getting thinner. This combination is the most comfortable for me to slide. The flex isn't too hard, but it's firm, and the torsion twists flexibly, so it's easy to handle. Also, lightweight boards have come out recently. However, if it is too light, it tends to flutter and become unstable. The weight of this board is exquisite and it is in good condition. Of course, because it is a camber, I think that carving is sharp. However, I think this board is sharp. So I want to ski Asahidake quickly. "

FREE (Hokkaido) Owner, Mr. Sato

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