NO.55_ "Light and easy-to-move little dowel BILLABONG coordination" by WAKE LIP'S (Hyogo) Rider & store manager, Yo Tanaka

★ Size: S ~ L
★ Color: BLACK
★ Price: 26,000 yen

★ Size: S ~ L
★ Color: WOC
★ Price: 24,000 yen

Because it is a simple coach jacket, make a self-assertion with a back print!

"Western Japan is warm ... I don't have a habit of wearing thick clothing while I'm in my hometown (laughs). Also, I don't like being hard to move, so thin and easy to move is the criterion for choosing clothing. The jacket is very light, as it is also the model name. Last season I wore a pullover called LIGHTSHELL HOODY and it was a little troublesome to put on and take off, so it's easier to put on and take off this season. I was aiming for a coach jacket that I could wear. Well, if it's cold, I can adjust it with the inner, and I also like the style of wearing a jacket on top of a hoodie. Also, I personally like camouflage, so this time I feel like I made the pants a camouflage and matched the top with black. The pants have good water pressure resistance and breathability, so I feel relieved. It's nice to have one. "

WAKE LIP'S (Hyogo) Rider & Manager, Yo Tanaka