NO.53_ "Medium and low speed operability is perfect! For slope riding in western Japan ◎ RIDE TWIN PIG" by BACKBONE (Fukuoka) Owner, Mr. Kusunoki

★ Size: 136, 142, 148, 151, 154, 156W, 157cm
★ Price: 65,000 yen

The tip of the nose and tail is shaped like a sharp cut so that the swing weight is lighter as much as possible.
The sidewall is called slime wall, which is made of a very flexible material.It leads to the suppleness and stickiness of slipping.

"RIDE has a lot of fun boards depending on the snow conditions and the slippery environment, but if you mention only one, TWINPIG. It is the strongest on the slopes because it is easy to operate at medium and low speeds. Especially powder is TWINPIG is overwhelmingly good for skiing on the slopes of western Japan, which is small, small in scale and gentle incline. Since the effective edge is long, 142 cm or 148 cm is enough for men! On the contrary, 142 cm is quite thick for women. For women, I think the ladies' twin-tip model BACKTALK is good. I ride powder boards in Hokkaido and back country where powder is abundant, and TWIN PIG when skiing in Hiroshima, Okayama and Hyogo. If you can choose the best board, you can enjoy more comfortable riding. "

BACKBONE (Fukuoka) Owner, Mr. Kusunoki

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