NO.51_ "Dedicated to crazy adults who want to slip for adults. RIDE 92" by Garage 902 (Nagano) Manager Miyaken

★ Size: 25-29 cm
★ Color: BLACK
★ Price: 55,000 yen

Thanks to Tantide, where the BOA race runs through the tongue, the tongue holds it around your foot.Succeeded in achieving both holdability and freedom.
The secret behind the lightweight and high performance of the boot outsole is that it is made from Michelin, a global tire manufacturer.

"Now I enjoy freeride, and as I get older, it's better to be able to bend my knees and turn slowly rather than high-response boots. This 92 is RIDE's unique tantide that holds my ankles. However, since urethane material is used for the tongue and the root is not sewn, there is a high degree of freedom in front, back, left and right. Also, it is good to thermoform it to fit your feet. I think I like this part and love it by Yusaku Horii. Besides, the flex is soft, it can be freely tightened with a double BOA and a power belt, and it is lighter than anything else. Even though the sole is entirely rubber, it is so lightweight I don't know anything else. It's highly recommended for people who want to freeride while putting in freestyle movements in mountains with rich terrain such as Hakuba Iwadake, Happoone, Nozawa Onsen, and people who want to slide for adults but also want to run the park. . "

Garage 902 (Nagano) Manager Miyaken

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