NO.49_ "SMITH balaclava with a convenient 2-piece structure" by FIRST BREAK (Ibaraki) Manager Sato

★ Size: ONE SIZE
★ Color: BLACK
★ Price: 5,200 yen

Since the two pieces of dough are layered on top of each other, even if you hook them under the chin to make it easier to breathe, the temples will not get twisted.

"I used to use 100% wool balaclava. It was good that I didn't smell even if I sweated or had saliva on my mouth. However, a child I knew happened to join SMITH and said," SMITH's balaclava is in good shape. "At first glance, it's an ordinary balaclava, but it's in good condition that it's divided into two pieces.Isn't it usually one piece?This is made by sticking two pieces of dough together, so it's easy to use because you can hook it on your chin when you put out your mouth.Also, the cutting is such that the head looks sharp, so it looks cool.However, the material is not wool, so I think it's better to wash it with beans.I think there are many people who are particular about innerwear, but it is more comfortable to choose a good balaclava, and it is definitely recommended because it can be used for a long time. "

FIRST BREAK (Ibaraki) Manager, Mr. Sato

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