NO.47_ "High-performance and lightweight boots with excellent fit. THIRTYTWO LASHED DOUBLE BOA" by MOSSY'S (Yamanashi) Owner Naito

MOSSY'S (Yamanashi) owner, Mr. Naito Photo:

"Recently, I think that the number of playful boot brands is decreasing. Among them, THIRTY TWO is playful, but it is very functional. I am THIRTY TWO boots, 3rd or 4th pair? That's why. This LASHED is light anyway. And if it is thermoformed, it will fit your feet perfectly. However, I think there are few shops that thermoformed THIRTY TWO properly. I try to give it to customers who are asked, "Is it okay as it is?"Everyone is sure to be satisfied with "I'm glad I molded it."Thanks to that, my THIRTY TWO repeat rate is quite high.Also, it's good to be able to separate by double BOA.What's more, this season we changed from stainless steel wire to a resin-based race called TX3.Because it is contractile, it doesn't get too tight and gives a more natural flex.The flex is medium, and if you compare it to other brands, it's similar to BURTON's RULER.So I think it's the best boots especially for those who like freestyle such as parks. "

★ Size: US5-14
★ Color: CAMO
★ Price: 42,000 yen

TEAM INNER can be thermoformed, so if you want a higher-grade fit, it is recommended to have it molded at the shop.
The BOA lace has been changed to a sturdy resin material instead of the traditional metal wire, giving it a more natural flex.

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