NO.43_ "Goodbye to troublesome work! Backpack with accessible back. DAKINE POACHER 32" by HEAVEN STORE. B (Tokyo) Owner, Mr. Nakamoto

★ Size: 32ℓ
★ Color: CARAMEL
★ Price: 28,000 yen

There is a zip on the back panel, and if you open it, you can access the luggage compartment from the back even with the board attached.
When you don't pack your luggage to the limit, you can keep the thickness of the bag itself quite thin.The size of this gusset is also one of the attractions.

"I always use this backpack when I go to the backcountry. When I climb a mountain, I attach the board to the bag, right? If you can access the luggage compartment from the back side, you can take out the contents without removing the board one by one. Isn't it? I think it's big that you can save the troublesome work of attaching the board to the bag every time you take a break. Also, I want to put in midlayer and spare goggles, and in my case with the customer I often slip and want to carry spare gloves and useful items, so I definitely need a capacity of around 30 liters. It is said that large is also small. However, if you squeeze the hook on the side, you can squeeze it. You can make the bag thinner. Thanks to that, you will not be shaken by the weight of the bag while sliding. I think that you can use it in town if it is in that thin state. "

HEAVEN STORE. B (Tokyo) Owner, Mr. Nakamoto