NO.27 "Increased approval rating with original materials! Serious outdoor brand wear. THE NORTH FACE FL FREETHINKER JK & PT" by Ishii Sports Sapporo Nishi Inter Store (Hokkaido) Staff Todo

★ Size: XS-XL (USA size)
★ Color: Clear Lake Blue x Black
★ Price: 56,000 yen

★ Size: XS-XL (USA size)
★ Color: Black
★ Price: 55,000 yen

STEEP SERIES that puts riding first and is particular about lightness, comfort and comfort.The seam tame processing is perfect for waterproofing.
Just by holding the garment with both hands and pulling it lightly, it has enough stretchability to make sure that the fabric stretches.

"The main reason for choosing this setup is that snowwear suitable for the backcountry using FUTURE LIGHT, a breathable waterproof material originally developed by THE NORTH FACE. GORE-TEX, which is a representative of waterproof and breathable material, is Moisture begins to permeate after the amount of water vapor in the garment is saturated, but FUTURE LIGHT always ventilates the air inside the garment by convection. The loose fit that is easy to layer) is also attractive. It is the lightest in the STEEP SERIES lineup for slippers, and it is characterized by a supple fabric feeling that gives stretchability as well as cutting jackets and pants. In addition, it is good that the pants are made of durable 70D fabric to increase the strength. For those who have a lot of exercise and sweating and want to make their luggage as lightweight and compact as possible. Is a setup that I especially recommend. "

Ishii Sports Sapporo Nishi Inter Store (Hokkaido) Staff Todo