NO.20_ "The finest boots of super soft flex have evolved. K2 TARO TAMAI SNOWSURFER" by RELAX SNOWSURF SHOP (Saitama) Owner, Mr. Koshimizu

★ Size: US6-12 (MEN), US5-8 (WOMEN)
★ Color: TAN
★ Price: 69,000 yen (MEN), 68,000 yen (WOMEN)

With the evolution of BOA lace, we have succeeded in gaining flexibility and further strength not found in conventional metallic wires.
The name of the developer, Taro Tamai, is engraved on the boots.I want people who want to enjoy surfing in the snowy mountains to wear it.

"The model itself hasn't changed from last year's model, but Taro Tamai said," I made the best product. "Originally, the concept is the best soft flex boots that can be worn without stress with the minimum necessary functions.One of the major evolutions of the season is BOA, which uses sturdy lace that is also used on yachts instead of traditional metal wires.Thanks to this, there is no need for guide parts to pass the wire that was on the tongue.As a result, the race itself moves freely even when tightened, so the degree of freedom of the ankle is further increased, and it feels like sneakers.Also, what surprised me was the lightness when I put my foot in.And, compared to before, the posture when standing with the binding attached has become more natural.When I actually slipped, there was no feeling of oppression from the boots, and it seemed that the stance width became narrower.The ankle suspension works more than ever, and the range of motion has become wider, so it is easier to absorb unevenness on the slope naturally, and the slipperiness has certainly changed completely. "

RELAX SNOWSURF SHOP (Saitama) Owner, Mr. Koshimizu

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