NO.19_ "Gem with high usage rate of powder lovers. SP BINDINGS BROTHERHOOD" by TOWNPUMP (Tokyo) Owner, Mr. Nihei (soleman Hitoshi)

★ Size: S ~ L
★ Color: TEAL
★ Price: 42,000 yen

When the highback is tilted backward, the ratchet of the ankle strap opens automatically.Easy to put on and take off!
The high back that bends sharply without the need for strong force enables a high degree of freedom in riding.

"If you like skiing on slopes and terrain, BROTHERHOOD is the best choice. SLAB with the same base is suitable for high speed skiing such as carving and powder on steep slopes. This model's asymmetric highback is Not only does it twist easily, but it bends as much as you push it backwards. So there is no stress with powder. I don't feel like I'm wearing it so much. Now I ride on the board, including powder. It's getting older. I think it's very suitable for that kind of skiing. And since there's no heel cup, if you poke your foot in the powder, the snow will come out from the front, so you don't have to scrape the snow by hand before putting it on. Speaking of which, when I went to the back of (Niigata) Kagura, I was surprised that the SP usage rate of the people around me was high. However, the SP is a little smaller than other brands, so I matched it with boots at the shop. I think you should buy it afterwards. "

TOWNPUMP (Tokyo) owner, Mr. Nihei (soleman Hitoshi)

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