NO.18_ "This is the way to get a view that is too clear! GIRO METHOD" by TRANSIT Higashikawa (Hokkaido) Owner Takuro Hayashi

★ Frame color: MIDNIGHT ALPS
★ Lens color: VIVID COPPER (Bonus lens: VIVID INFRARED)
★ Price: 22,000 yen

The VIVID lens is a high-contrast lens that emphasizes blue.Enjoy a clear view that you can't feel with other brands.

"Some high-contrast lenses have a group that emphasizes red and a group that emphasizes blue, and although it depends on the person, I feel that the latter is easier to see due to the characteristics of my eyes. However, the lens that emphasizes blue. There are only VIVID lenses ... But I remember that it was easy to see in every situation and I was moved and enjoyed riding. Also, the nice thing about METHOD is that it also supports glasses. Sometimes when I make contact, it makes me mess around. It's convenient to be able to slide with my glasses at that time. Yes, last season, the model of John Cardiel, who is like a god to me. However, it appeared in this MOTHOD. I bought it immediately (laughs). I haven't decided on the color for this season yet, but I'm definitely going on the same route. "

TRANSIT Higashikawa (Hokkaido) Owner Takuro Hayashi