NO.13_ "The best choice for riders aiming for the next stage. GNU RIDER'S CHOICE" by BREAKOUT (Fukuoka) SNOW Manager Mr. Yamaguchi

BREAKOUT (Fukuoka) SNOW Manager Mr. Yamaguchi

"Carving, slope cruising, powder riding on the side of the course, terrain play, park riding ... I think that this one is enough for all skiing on the slope. My favorite point is left-right asymmetry. Outline and side Not only the curve but also the arrangement of the core is asymmetrical, so the backside turn is sharper and it feels really good. The structure is Marvin's C2-X, and the high speed produced by the big twin camber. It is characterized by stability in the range and sharp carving. I have tried various boards, but this board structure can play any kind of play, and it is easy to ride anyway. And the flex is a little softer than the medium. That's why it's pretty easy to handle. The edges are magnetic and bite well on the ice burn, and any snow can get the edges with a surprisingly small amount of force, which also makes the turn easier. Carving to some extent Next stage ... It's recommended for people who want to play on the terrain, enter the park, and do anything. "

★ Size variations: 151.5, 154.5, 155W, 157.5, 158W, 161.5, 162W, 166Wcm
★ Price: 84,000 yen

The asymmetrical shape with the tip shape and side curve changed between the toe side and heel side makes it easier to make sharp backside turns.
Thanks to the wavy shape of the edges, the edges can cut through the snow surface with little force.

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