NO.06_ "It's easy to see and it's cool, so I want to arrange it with my parents. DRAGON PXV" by Coco Palm Suwa Main Store (Nagano) Owner, Sergeant Takeda


★ Price: 25,500 yen

PXV spare lens
★ Lens color: LUMALENS PH AMBER (dimming)
★ Price: 22,000 yen

This is the belt design that Bryan Iguchi himself worked on.
A photochromic lens that automatically changes the lens color depending on the amount of ultraviolet rays.We also sell only lenses.
Panotech lens technology that covers the human viewing angle of about 200 degrees with a frame shape that wraps around the sides of the face.

★ Frame color: GUMMY BEARS
★ Lens color: LUMALENS RED ION
★ Price: 6,000 yen

"The PXV features a lens that is neither flat nor spherical, and the field of view is wider than the spherical surface ... No, it's too visible and uncomfortable (laughs). Moreover, because it's a LUMA Japan lens, night games can be used, and the weather suddenly occurs in the backcountry. It's okay if things get worse. I made Bryan Iguchi's signature this season. It's a high-quality design that doesn't choose the wear alone, but I wear his signature wear from VOLCOM, so be aware of the total coordination. , I bought an optional photochromic lens as a spare, always put it in my pocket and change it according to the condition. Originally, the frame and belt equipped with the photochromic lens are not interesting. After all, I want to match it with my favorite frame. , The children's store manager is also a brand that matches parents and children with DRAGON goggles. It is easy for children to see with LUMA lenses, and it is a Japan fit that fits even if the nose is low, and I want to make you wear something equivalent to adults that is cool. I'm 5 years old now, but I've been using LIL D since I was 1 year old. This is 6,000 yen ... Isn't it okay for all children to be DRAGON anymore? I will do it! "

Coco Palm Suwa Main Store (Nagano) Owner, Sergeant Takeda

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