NO.05_ "Integration of boots and binding is completed in an instant! BURTON STEP ON" by AMP (Okayama) Manager Kosakada

★ Size: S ~ L
★ Color: NEO-MINT
★ Price: 42,000 yen

★ Size: 25-31 cm
★ Color: GRAY
★ Price: 52,000 yen

STEP ON system that locks just by pushing your foot.It seems that the number of users is increasing because of its simplicity and high performance.
The BOA lace used in the boots is not traditional stainless steel wire.It has a tightening comfort and flex similar to laces, so it supports supple sliding.

"I've been using STEP ON since the first year, maybe it's the third year? I'm so sick that I don't understand the meaning of not using STEP ON anymore (laughs). There is a sense of unity and the response is quick. And above all, it's easier. No, it's too easy! It may not be possible to return to the ratchet type anymore. By increasing the carbon content, it is lighter and more responsive. There is also an enhanced STEP ON X binding, but I am fully satisfied with the normal version. The reason why I chose PHOTON's WIDE FIT boots is that there is an Asian fit that exists only in this model. It is firmly fixed to the binding. So, I think it's easier to use the ankle freely from soft to mid-flex than boots that are too hard. There is play in a good feeling and it is easy to slip. Powder, carving and park are really It can be used for all rounds. From the slope cruising in western Japan to the back country of Hakuba Happoone, I enjoy skiing with these guys. "

AMP (Okayama) Manager, Mr. Kosakada

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