NO.01_ "Surprisingly easy-to-use domestic brand new board. NOVEMBER DX4" by JUICE (Tokyo) Owner Sakuma

JUICE (Tokyo) Owner, Mr. Sakuma Photo:

"In the old days, the way of riding was to focus on the front legs, such as turning from the front legs ..., but now the way of thinking is changing, and the board is always controlled by riding on the hind legs. DX4 is a board that is very easy to ride. First of all, it is much lighter when riding than when you hold it. This is called a free camber, and although the structure is a twin-tip camber, when you step on it, the nose and tail face upward by about 1 to 2 cm and the snow contact length changes. I think it's thanks to you. It's very easy to handle, it floats even with powder, and if you are in a good position with your hind legs, it will run quite well on ice burns and becha snow. And to improve response and durability. The plate inside the board has a wider toe than the heel, which makes it easier to twist the board and use torsion. It is easier to transfer force to the edge of the heel side, which is the overall ease of riding. In addition, the flex is fairly soft between D4 and DESIRE of NOVEMBER. You can enjoy gratri, rantry and side hits, and even people who can only ski on weekends should be able to handle it easily. It's not only easy to remember the basics of slipping, but it's also easy to challenge what you thought "this can't be done", so if you ride this board, it will show you a new future. think. "

★ Size variations: 138, 142, 146, 147, 150, 152, 154 cm (138-146 are ladies' models)
★ Price: 80,000 yen

Since the DUCK PLATE, which has a wider tip than the heel, is built into the board, the orientation that should be on the toe side and heel side is decided.
It features a free camber structure that incorporates a flat nose and tail into the camber base.The ease of ollies and pressing, and the buoyancy of powder have also improved.

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