TEAM PRO, the number one interface for NITRO team riders

Size: M, L
Price: ¥ 44,000

The binding with the highest usage rate of NITRO team riders.Compared to other models, the high back is set a little harder, and the ankle strap is made thinner and harder to make the reaction quicker.In addition, the toe strap jointly developed with VIBRAM realizes an amazing hold.And by making the size of the base as small as possible and reducing the contact patch with the board, it also supports quick movements.The heel is equipped with an airbag, which absorbs the impact of a severe landing.

Toe strap jointly developed with VIBRAM
It features a design that takes advantage of both the toe cap type that locks the tip of the toe from the front and the normal fixing method that locks from above. VIBRAM's highly viscous ECOSTEP rubber fits into any boot shape and secures the boot even when landing in freezing cold or rain.By the way, ECOSTEP rubber is a material realized by VIBRAM and NITRO's strong desire for environmental protection.It uses 50% recycled rubber with a unique composition, and is characterized by exhibiting higher grip than conventional rubber.

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