NITRO's immovable popular model TEAM and its upgraded version TEAM PRO are also newly released

Size: 152, 155, 157, 159, 162cm
Price: ¥ 85,000 excluding tax (TEAM), ¥ 88,000 excluding tax (TEAM PRO)

NITRO's board lineup has a smooth ride, and you can choose between true camber and gull wing (double camber) to meet the needs of various users, and it has been unchangingly popular with many team riders. The freestyle board TEAM that has been proud of.And TEAM PRO is newly released from the 2021-22 season! TEAM and TEAM PRO, these two outlines have exactly the same specifications, but the sole of TEAM PRO has been changed to the high-end material Sintered Speed ​​Formula II, and carbon is placed in the board center like a stringer to increase the repulsive force. I'm up.It is one that leads to the next level such as sharp carving in the high speed range, even higher air.A freestyler that can reliably control the board even at high speeds will be the best partner when you want to aim for a higher level of skiing.

TEAM PRO running sole
One of the features of TEAM PRO is the sole, which is an ultra-high-speed material that makes full use of nanotechnology and allows wax to penetrate deep into the sintered material during production.

Here is Marcus Kleveland's winning run, which won the men's slopestyle at the FIS SNOWBOARD WORLD CUP in Silvaplana, Switzerland, using TEAM.The high potential is demonstrated even in world-class contests.

Former professional rider and current Nitro team manager Knut Eliassen talks about the appeal of TEAM

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