It was Fat Five goggles that I have been indebted to since the brand was launched, but now that I am making a new decision, I was asked if I should transfer to a certain company D, but here I changed my mind and moved to a foreign brand.

It is SHRED optics that I have been calling out for a long time.
From this winter, we have been able to sign an international rider contract with a new goggle brand called SHRED optics, SLYtech and a protector brand.

Originally an Italian brand with an office in California.

It's a new hot and cool brand that I haven't seen much in Japan yet.

I'm looking forward to using all the products that secure the big field of view that I like.  

Fat Five has been indebted for over 10 years.The greatest thanks to Yamamoto Kogaku.

The Cheapold model is a frame that was developed over 20 years ago, and is a goggle that has a wide field of view and low pressure, and is free from spherical and high-tech booms. Is it left out of the market? !!I've been using things that aren't fashionable at all, but I liked them as goggles.There are few people using it lol

I was working on a project that only a small brand could do, but I'm sorry.

I want to go to Europe from now on, and I want to link with more foreign countries, so being connected to SHRED optics is another interesting premonition of the future.

Thank you.